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It seems like there is increasingly more bad in the world than good, so it's times like now that we need to increase our efforts toward making the world a better place than before. 

With the start of the New Year, clean up your social media feed and follow accounts that make you feel good and empowered. Plus, find organizations that inspire you to make a difference. 

Here at Revelist, we know you have an abundance of beauty products. Thankfully there's plenty to do with those unused and lightly used leftovers. Plus, look for charities that help the environment, because Australia needs our help more than ever as it continues to battle the devastating bushfires caused by climate change. 

Here are eight suggestions on ways to give back and make the world, or your community, a better place — something that will undoubtedly also contribute to a happier you.

Donate old mascara wands to Wands for Wildlife.

Donate your used and cleansed mascara wands to Wands for Wildlife, an organization that helps animals in Appalachia. The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge treats injured and orphaned animals in order to release them back into the wild fully rehabilitated. Old mascara wands that are either tossed in a trash can or collecting dust in a makeup drawer can help little fur babies like this one get cleaned up. 

Create a Little Free Library.

In this highly technological age, books are dying out, but reading is still crucial. Little Free Libraries are the perfect way to connect a community and recycle favorite novels.

Donate unused beauty products to Project Beauty Share.

Project Beauty Share accepts face, body, hair, oral hygiene, and feminine hygiene products to donate to women and children who are overcoming homelessness, abusive relationships, or addiction. These marginalized women are made to feel beautiful with these donated products and get their lives back on track. So if you have extra bottles of lightly used or unused products, find a donation drop-off spot or mail them in.

Make the big chop and then donate your hair to Wigs for Kids.

There are plenty of places to donate your hair after you've made the big chop, but Wigs for Kids gives handmade, customized hair pieces to children with hair loss for completely free. There's something so freeing about cutting your lengths, and knowing it's going to a good cause makes it even more worthwhile. Minimum hair length is 12 inches, so prepare for a big change. 

Australia is being devastated by bushfires, so consider donating to this worthy cause. 

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria in Australia, has pledged that the Australian government will match donations to the devastating wildfires. While some have tried to donate supplies, there isn't enough manpower to sort through them. The best way to help is through monetary donations to organizations like WIRES, a wildlife emergency fund, or the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Donate to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, which is rehabilitating koalas devastated by the Australian bushfires. 

Adorable koalas are among the animals most directly harmed by these fires that have nearly wiped out their habitats. Organizations like the Koala Hospital are rescuing these creatures and working hard to get the land back to normal. The hospital has currently raised more than $4 million on its Go Fund Me page, which states that so far they've saved 31 koalas from the fires. 

Shop secondhand and gift thrift from stores like ThredUp

ThredUp is a massive online platform that popularizes secondhand shopping, which is so fun and good for the environment. Supporters like Jonathan Van Ness and Olivia Wilde are here for the vintage thrift movement. The fashion industry is among the most wasteful and adds to the environmental crisis. Shop secondhand and save the environment and your wallet. 

Start your own garden, and get inspiration from Instagram accounts like The Horticult. 

2020 can be the year you actually start your own garden. Even if you're just growing a few herbs, it's a start to greening our world. Following accounts like The Horticult will inspire you to create your own green garden. It's a fun hobby and makes you (and our planet) better.