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Unfortunately, Hiles' story isn't the first example of a scary, shocking diagnosis that could have been prevented if weight stereotypes didn't exist.

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There's even evidence that doctors pay LESS attention to plus-size people, simply because they chalk all their health issues up to being overweight. One study asked 122 doctors about their attitudes toward obese patients. Sadly, the doctors "reported that seeing patients was a greater waste of their time the heavier that they were, that physicians would like their jobs less as their patients increased in size, that heavier patients were viewed to be more annoying, and that physicians felt less patience the heavier the patient was."

Women aren't keeping hush-hush about the issue, either.

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No matter the doctor or the issue, it always comes back to weight.

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And it's still happening — to thousands of women with serious health issues everywhere.

If only doctors knew they could save lives if it weren't for their biases.

Stories like this are SO important to be told and heard, but nothing will truly change until doctors understand that not all bigger bodies are flawed or unhealthy.

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