UPDATE, 3/10/17 — 3 PM:

Andrews posted a second apology to Facebook and Snapchat today, repeating her claim that she never intended to body-shame another woman at her gym. She said she only intended to make light of the fact that the woman was talking on her phone while on the treadmill.

"The whole story was turned upside down by [other people] taking a screenshot and adding comments that I'm body shaming this woman," she wrote. "I would never do this, it's not who I am ... Ppl that know me know I'm not a bully."

diana andrews snapchat
photo: Screenshot via Snapchat/Diana Andrews

The original story continues below:

Days after internet commenters mocked Nike for making plus-size workout gear, we learned of yet another factor that discourages larger women from working out: fat-shaming morons at the gym.

On March 8, bodybuilder Diana Andrews posted photos to her Instagram story mocking a fellow gym-goer for her “love handles.”

The British bodybuilder surreptitiously photographed another woman on the treadmill. She captioned the photo, simply, “love handles.” Another post about the woman read, “I bet she’s ordering [burger emojis] for delivery.”

Andrews shared the photos with her more than 17,000 Instagram followers.

Outraged followers shared the photos on Facebook, alongside a screenshot of Andrews’ Instagram profile.

“This is a disgraceful act of body shaming that has been posted on social media for thousands to see,” wrote Stacey Venables. “Someone that is a public figure and should be encouraging the health and well being of other women is actively pulling someone down FOR BEING AT THE GYM!!!!”

Other women chimed in, calling Andrews’ actions “disgusting” and “disgraceful.”

Andrews has since made her Instagram profile private, and posted an apology to Snapchat.

screenshot from Diana Andrews' snapchat
photo: Snapchat/inyourdreamsd

“I am writing to express my sincere apologies for my actions,” she wrote on her story. “I realised that I was wrong to make this silly joke. It wasn’t my intention to body shame, hurt, or disrespect anyone. Thank you guys for all your messages and continued support.”

The post comes just months after model Dani Mathers’ came under fire for body-shaming posts of her own.

screenshot from Dani Mathers' Snapchat
photo: Snapchat/Dani Mathers

The former playboy playmate posted pictures of a fellow gym-goer on Snapchat, captioning them “If I can't unsee this then you can't either."

Followers accused Mathers of fat-shaming, causing the gym to revoke her membership. Mathers now faces a $1,000 fine, or up to six months in jail for distributing intimate photos of another person.

A note to body-shamers like Mathers and Andrews: Try focusing on your own workout.

According to a survey from Cosmopolitan Body, almost a quarter of women avoid going to the gym because they fear the judgment of other gym-goers. Almost 95% of women fear disrobing in the locker room.

The first step to changing this is not judging other women's bodies in the first place. And definitely — definitely — not posting that judgement to social media. 

h/t Huffington Post