Kendall Jenner has been in Greece living it up and splashing around on the beach with her girl squad, but the model wasn't too busy to give the viral bottle cap challenge a try. For whatever reason, people on the internet have been doing *interesting* things to get the caps of plastic bottles to pop off. Legendary singer Mariah Carey just knocked everyone's socks off when she took a bottle cap off simply using her legendary vocal chops. 

Now Jenner has decided to have a little beach fun with the bottle cap challenge. Unfortunately, she knows about the trendy bottle cap challenge, but missed the memo about the global fight to keep plastic out of the ocean. Critics are dragging her from one side of the sea to the other over this, and honestly, it's kind of hilarious, because although it's petty for Kardashian hate's sake, they also have a point. 

Kendall Jenner couldn't resist putting her own twist on the bottle cap challenge.

"You asked for it," she wrote in a caption. She also tagged her model bestie, Hailey Bieber. In the video, Jenner expertly whipped a jet ski while wearing a lime green bikini. She flawlessly used her leg to kick the bottle cap top off without losing control of her jet ski. The move actually looked pretty smooth until you think about *exactly* what Jenner is doing. 

That plastic bottle cap fell into the ocean. Plastic. In the ocean. COME ON! DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE POLLUTION OF IT ALL.

The Shade Room Instagram commenters immediately noted the environmental faux pas because duh, it's cool now to care about Mother Earth.

"Plastic in da ocean?" one person questioned with two thumbs-down emojis. Another person wrote, "And a turtle just [choked] because of that cap." 

LMBO. Forgive me. I'm laughing because people will literally call out anyone from the KarJenner clan for anything. I'm also laughing because they actually do have a point. Plastic in the ocean is actually really terrible. 

Come on, Kendall Jenner. It is possible for one to be aware of viral social media challenges AND environmental issues that impact our world. 

"I HOPE SHE FOUND THAT BOTTLE CAP THAT SHE PUT IN [OUR] OCEAN. POLLUTION," another person wrote. Another person in the comments suggested that she grab some goggles to do the same thing. People are really not here for casual pollution. It's especially bad that she's doing it in the name of some random internet challenge. 

Critics believe she automatically lost the bottle cap challenge because hers resulted in unnecessary pollution.

"Polluting the ocean. She wins NOTHING," one person asserted. I do have to agree. Think about it. Do you *really* win the bottle cap challenge if you kick the bottle cap into the ocean, which is the absolute last place that plastic belongs? On top of that, Mariah Carey already knocked a bottle cap off and she didn't even have to use her fingers. All she needed was vocal cords. Sweet kick move, Jenner, but that singing thing was just way too iconic. 

Jenner also did this almost one solid month after World Oceans Day.

You can't make this up. World Oceans Day was June 8. Jenner did this one month later — *almost* to the day. Ocean pollution is already an under-discussed issue. Different organizations have been coming together to spread the message about keeping our oceans plastic-free. Lush Cosmetics even re-released its Shark Fin soap to celebrate the day and raise awareness about sharks being so negatively impacted by plastic in the ocean. Sharks also aren't the only animals that get affected by plastic in the ocean. 

I'm almost positive you've seen the heartbreaking photos of deformed turtles who have gotten stuck in plastic wraps, whales washing up on the shore with plastic spilling from their mouths, and more. We don't think about it often enough, but it's actually pretty sad. 

Jenner may get picked on A LOT, but critics do have a point. Putting plastic in the ocean isn't cool.

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion even hosted a Hottie Beach Clean-Up Day on June 6 — two days before World Oceans Day. 

If you aren't familiar with Megan Thee Stallion, she's a rapper from Houston who's making major body-positive and sex-positive waves. One of her fans reached out to her with concerns that no one cares about keeping the environment clean the way she does, so Megan Thee Stallion hosted a Twitter talk about it, even as a person who wasn't too familiar with environmental issues herself. The Twitter talk led to the rapper launching a beach clean-up day in California. 

She and hundreds of her fans headed out to the beach to remove plastic and other garbage from the shore — in red-hot bikinis!

The point was to make discussions about ocean safety and recycling a cool thing. A rapper and her fans turning ocean clean-up into a fun event is something that can make ocean cleanliness the standard. That's what it should be, right? The new standard. It's not just Jenner who needs to do better by the ocean; it's all of us.

Jenner surely meant no harm by her bottle cap challenge. No one needs her to go to jail or anything. 

It's just really cool to see people call her and anyone else out about dropping trash into the ocean. We don't always think about it in the moment, but ocean life depends on us to care about keeping plastic out of their habitat. Let's hope that Jenner does something really cool and ocean-related in the future that doesn't involve harming our wildlife. We also don't need to BULLY her about this, OK? OK?! It's just something to note, the same way you might casually tell a friend not to just drop garbage on the ground. Each one, teach one, ya know?

By the way, the verdict is in: The bottle cap challenge still belongs to Mariah Carey anyway.