Unless you've been hiding under a rock, then you know that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle just welcomed their son on Monday. The couple named the infant Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, and he's already the most famous newborn on the planet. While many fans of the royal court are gushing over the adorable baby boy, plenty of people are furious about how he was first presented to the world just two days after Meghan Markle gave birth to him. 

The photos that have circulated of the baby and his parents have people questioning why women have to face so many physical demands shortly after their bodies go through such a big change.

Take a look at the photo shoot that has so many people irritated.

This video shows the press debut of Baby Sussex, now known as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. 

"Just two days after his birth, the royal baby boy has arrived for all the world to see! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, shared new photos of their precious bundle of joy," Ebony magazine tweeted. 

Meghan Markle still has a swollen belly, but she's taking the entire event in stride in a white dress and pumps.

But lots of women aren't gushing over the photo session at all. 

"Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that just two days after giving birth, Meghan Markle is expected to look [all] glammed up to present a child that she carried in her for nine months?" one fan asked. 

It turns out she wasn't alone. A great number of people found the moment to be as insensitive and premature as she did.

People are in disbelief that we live in a world where women are expected to perform in such a way.

"I'm sorry. Do they really have the princesses out here showing off they kids whilst wearing heels *and* makeup right after birth??? Their stomachs hadn't even gone down from being with child. Get me off of this planet," another person griped.

One woman gave her own post-birth account to provide context for people who may not understand why a photo shoot in heels is weird.

" walked out in heels two days after giving birth to introduce her baby to the world... Two days out from giving birth I could hardly walk from my hospital bed to the bathroom in my slippers," she wrote. 

To provide more context, this doesn't mean that Meghan Markle shouldn't have been able to walk after birth. Per the video, we know she was. However, this account provides a decent understanding of the toll that pregnancy and the birth itself can take on the body. Women need rest after giving birth. If they are going to go out and be fabulous, it should be a choice that has nothing to do with work or, er, royal obligations.

Women sympathized with Markle and saluted her for fighting through the exhaustion that undoubtedly comes from pushing an entire human out of your body.

"It is cruel and unusual punishment to make a woman get dressed up, put on heels and a full face of makeup, and pose for pictures TWO DAYS after giving birth. Meghan Markle, I salute you," a critic wrote. 

Le sigh. I fold my laundry and feel like I need a nap before I have to actually put the clothes away. I cannot imagine how I would feel after birthing a whole baby.

One person believes Meghan Markle should have been granted more time.

"I am really bothered by how soon they are showing off the new royal baby," one critic wrote. "Meghan Markle just gave birth two days ago, [with a ] belly still swollen, yet she gotta be on public display! They could’ve at least given them a week. I guess I don’t understand royal protocol." 

Another fan offered an alternative idea. 

"I do think it’s amazing that Meghan Markle was dressed up and taking photos 2-3 days PP but it is entirely possible that she feels great," the fan shared. "I was at Walmart shopping 24 hours PP last time and felt 110% great. Some women do feel amazing after birth!"

Some people are just glad that Meghan Markle provided the world with a visual dose of reality.

Women appreciated that the world was at least able to see what many women's bodies actually look like after delivering babies. There is no such thing as a two-day snapback if you ever thought there was. Meghan Markle's baby bump was still fully present. It will go down in time, but definitely not immediately after birth. 

"Thank you, Meghan Markle, for showing the world what most [women] look like two days after giving birth (minus the full hair and makeup)," another mother wrote.

People are especially irritated that the royal obligation seemed frivolous.

"Why are they making Meghan Markle put on full makeup and outfits days after giving birth? Literally NO reason to do this," one critic wrote.

This seems to be the internet's biggest issue, particularly since it's recurring. Duchess Kate Middleton also participated in a photo shoot just days after giving birth to each of her children, which is what makes the practice seem like an unnecessary and insensitive part of royal protocol.

Let's just hope that Duchess Meghan does get the rest she needs in the days to come. 

photo: USA

Not all moms have the same physical reaction to birth, but all moms *do* need rest, self-care time, and privacy after birth. The royal court seems to have its photo shoot tradition set in place. Let's just hope that Markle gets all of the time she needs, as she and Prince Harry bond with little Archie. She certainly deserves it.