Hurricane Harvey has wrecked absolute havoc and devastation in Texas. According to CNN, 30,000 people have been forced out of their homes in search of shelter.

Many of these people have lost all of their property and belongings, so gaining access to resources such as food and clothing is essential. Various nonprofits, celebrities, and brands have pitched in to help — including FullBeauty, a company that owns seven beloved plus-size brands.

FullBeauty features plus-size brands such as Melissa McCarthy, KingSize, Fashion to Figure, and Swimsuits for All (the brand that retails Ashley Graham's line), carrying a size range of 12-44. Partnering with Delivering Good, it has pledged to donate $300K in clothing to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

According to Elle, it said in a statement:

"We want to ensure that women and men of all sizes have access to clothing during this devastating event. Our FullBeauty family has deep ties to Texas. With our call center in El Paso and hundreds of thousands of our customers in Texas, those who have been affected are in our hearts and minds."   

It's already difficult to find affordable plus size clothing on the market, so for FullBeauty to continue its commitment to its plus-sized customers by making sure they aren't forgotten in the wake of the storm is so important.

The brand is also making it easier for everyone else to donate to victims of the disaster. You can donate plus-size clothing through Delivering Good. Or, you can also donate to FullBeauty's partner site with the American Red Cross, where every donation of over $25,000 will be matched by FullBeauty. 

It's crucial we all work together in any way we can to help rebuild.