Woman dates man. Woman leaves man. Man burns woman alive. 

No, this isn't a horror movie version of Romeo and Juliet — it actually happened in Rome, Italy on Monday. Sara Di Pietrantonio's ex-boyfriend, Vincenzo Paduano, couldn't handle seeing her with another man. So, he set her car on fire before chasing her down the street, according to Italian news site Repubblica. He then threw alcohol in her face and lit her on fire. 

The 22-year-old screamed for help as two cars drove by, but no one stopped, according to The Associated Press. 

Repubblica is reporting that Paduano admitted to the police that he killed his ex-girlfriend because of jealousy. Police determined the 27-year-old premeditated the act.

Di Pietrantonio studied economics at a Rome University.   

Italy is notorious for a culture full of jealousy-fueled domestic violence where women suffer most of the consequences. However, partners killing their girlfriends and wives happens all around the world. 

One-third of all murdered women in the U.S. are killed by their partners. Globally, 38% of murdered women die at the hands of an intimate partner.

In fact, our society's culture of male entitlement became grossly apparent when a delusional man went on a killing rampage at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2014. His manifesto detailed a "war on women," that wished death on every woman.

On Monday, Chamber of Deputies president Laura Boldrini urged Italian women to report their loved ones' abuse. 

"Those who should be ashamed are the violent ones, not the women who suffer threats," she said, according to the AP.

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