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Flying while fat is no easy or relaxing feat. From asking for a seatbelt extender to having to purchase two airplane seats or upgrade to first class to dealing with body-shaming passengers, there's little glamour to air travel as a plus-size person. 

One airline company is taking that extreme discomfort one step further by literally prohibiting passengers over a certain waistline size from even boarding the plane.

Thai Airways just passed a waistline restriction on business class passengers.

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According to flight lieutenant Prathana Pattanasiri, vice president of Thai Airways aviation safety, security, and standards department, the airline is introducing a seatbelt airbag design that can only restrain passengers with waists up to 56 inches. If your waistline is any greater than that, you won't be able to fasten the seatbelt.

Passengers also won't be able to hold infants on their lap.

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The airline won't be offering seatbelt extensions for passengers to accomodate larger sizes or babies.

The restrictions only affect business class passengers in two of its planes.

The new seatbelt design was introduced in two Boeing 787-9 planes. 

Also, in case you're wondering, the new design passed the US Federal Aviation Administration's safety standards.

The airline has been feeling the heat on Twitter.

I'm no airplane engineer, but I'm presuming that if an airline has enough dough to research and develop new seatbelts, it can certainly expand its research and accommodate a wider range of passengers. Excluding plus-size, pregnant, or people with children is discriminatory. 

Better take your coins elsewhere.

There are plenty of airlines that won't charge you extra for your waistline, your weight, or for the way your body looks. Let Thai Airways figure out how many passengers they're not excluding with this BS seatbelt regulation first.

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