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Here's what we learned about Daya by Zendaya:

daya by zendaya sizing
photo: Revelist/BrittanyFowler


-Size down on all items. Keep in mind that most stretch materials from this collection will loosen after a wear.
-The material of the dresses may be much more see-through so invest in a slip.
-Even for tall people, the dress and pants may be too long. You might have to wear them all with heels. 


-Do not be discouraged by the size chart. Most items will fit comfortably.
-The XXL jackets actually fit like a 3XL.
-The joggers are stretchy enough for people who have bigger bottoms. After a couple of wears, the joggers may even fit comfortably a 22. 

I'm so happy that Zendaya wanted to make her line inclusive, and I still love her. HOWEVER.

I think someone on her team needs to be fired. Because they have her out here selling a story to the press about 0-22 when that's definitely not the case. For plus-size women, this line is a welcome breath of edgy modernity, but anything that doesn't have stretch is a gamble if you're size 16 or over. 

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